Meet the Her Power! Staff

Leah is smiling with a pile of shaving cream on her head. She is wearing a green FRIDA shirt

Leah Smith (she, her) has co-facilitated Her Power! for the past 10 years. She was born and raised in Texas, but now lives in California with her husband, two kids, and dog. Leah is also the Associate Director of The National Center for Disability, Equity, and Intersectionality which addresses inequities in healthcare, community living, and justice for people with disabilities. In taking a closer look at her goals and previous commitments, it is not hard to see that Leah is clearly committed to building a world that values and empowers disabled girls and women – and if that means wearing shaving cream on her head, she’s ok with that.

Sara sitting on top of another person with a yellow shirt and bandana headband.  A blanket is covering waste down- so all you see is her torso and arms with someone else's legs. She has her hands on her cheeks resting on someone elses knees. She is laughing.

Sara Squires is a camp counselor, PA and program consultant that has been a part of Her Power! since 2010. Sara also helps with recruitment and the registration process for Her Power!. Born and raised in Michigan, Sara now resides in California, where she is working towards becoming a certified peer specialist.

Sara is dedicated to creating safe spaces and empowering individuals to thrive in her communities. Her own journey with neurodivergence has fueled her commitment to breaking down stigmas and raising awareness about mental health.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sara is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the National Parks across the United States with her partner and pup.

Jileesa is smiling at the camera and wearing a gray vest, blue shirt and black sunglasses.

Jileesa Irwin has been involved with Her Power! since 2010. She has been a camp counselor, personal assistant, and has been involved with the recruitment and registration process for Her Power! 

Jileesa is a woman with a disability, a mother, and a LGBTQ+ advocate. She is passionate about advocating for disability rights and accessibility, and enjoys spending time with her family. She is constantly seeking to learn and grow in all areas of her life.

Jileesa has a passion for the outdoors, and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and rock hunting. With her passions she informs the disability community about assistive technology for outdoor recreation as an Outdoor Recreation AT Specialist for the Michigan assistive technology program (MATP) at Michigan Disability Right Coalition (MDRC).

Ajaune is sitting next to Aisha and both have big smiles and wearing blue Her Power! shirts

Her Power! 2023 will be Ajaune’s 7th Year as Lead Staff. Ajaune is committed to youth leadership development and the work of supporting the self-empowerment of young people with disabilities. She currently serves as the Youth Assistive Technology Specialist for the Michigan Assistive Technology Program (MATP) and the Co-Director of Leaders For Inclusion (LFI). Her passion is making an impact on youth to spark change in the disability community. Ajaune’s favorite thing about Her Power! is seeing the girls grow from day 1 to day 4. Their confidence is up and they are proud knowing they are apart of a community when they leave. Ajaune also enjoys working with parents with disabilities as she is a Mom of two kiddos. Fun fact: Ajaune is an event decorator and loves to create designs, draw, and color. 

Selfie of Abby smiling with a knit beanie, braids, and back pack.

Abby has been an integral part of “Her Power! Her Pride!” camp since its beginning in 2010. Abby is a proud disabled woman who embraces her neurodivergence and is passionate about inclusion, disability pride, and advocacy. Abby has taken on various roles at Her Power! over the years. She is a great listener who likes to create a safe, inclusive space for campers, and her compassionate and funny nature makes her a great advocate and support system. 

Abby works for the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition in their Assistive Technology Program as an Assistive Technology Specialist for Gaming and Crafting. She uses her expertise and love of video games and crafting hobbies to help others with disabilities access and enjoy these activities. However, her interests extend beyond gaming and crafting, as she also finds joy in exploring nature, reading about it, and studying plants, moss, fungi, and entomology. Her diverse interests and skills enable her to connect with campers on many levels and provide them with a unique and memorable camp experience.