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Raising Children with Disabilities with Disability Pride
April 19th, 2024- April 21st, 2024
A weekend event titled ‘Raising Children with Disabilities: With Disability Pride’ is scheduled to take place to help parents of children with disabilities understand and embrace the concept of disability pride. The retreat aims to challenge societal stereotypes and oppression, promoting the idea of embracing disability as an integral part of a child’s identity. Parents will be provided with resources to understand disability history, culture, and pride, ultimately having the tools to support your child’s self-empowerment.

Below are past events:

If you see a historical event you are interested in, please reach out. LETA Solutions may be able to work with you or an organization to put on past events.

Full: Owning Our Place at the Table: Women* with Disabilities* Board Leadership Program
DATE: May 4th and 5th, June 8th and 9th, July individual check-in meetings 6th, 7th, 13th or 14th (time that works for participant and mentor), August 17th and 18th, September 7th
TIME: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (EST)
Her Power! is currently accepting applications for a five-month leadership program for women with disabilities ages 20 – 35 interested in serving on board of directors of a nonprofit organization.
There are many ways to share your knowledge and take on leadership roles in our community. One way is to serve on a board. This leadership program is for women with disabilities ages 20- 35 who want to serve on a board. This program is aimed at women who have not served on a board before. Applications will be accepted from individuals that have served on a board in the past or are currently on a board but feel lost in the process or feel like their voice isn’t currently being heard. For more information visit our Women Program Page.

PAST EVENT: HER POWER! Transracial Adoptee and Foster Care Youth Lounges for Teen Girls with Disabilities
August 1st, August 22nd and September 19th @ 2-3pm (EST).

(The only requirement to join is that you are a teen girl adoptee or in foster care with a disability)
This virtual space is about making new friends and normalizing your experience as an adoptee. Angela, a transracial adoptee herself, will role-model positive and empowering behavior, demonstrating ethical story-sharing, and using adoptee-centric language. Click here to register for the event!

PAST EVENT: The Intersection of Transracial Adoption & Racial (In)Justice with Angela Tucker
September 8th, 13th and 16th
5:30 pm- 7:30 (EST)
This interactive workshop is designed for transracial adoptive families and members of their communities (family, friends, neighbors, church community & coworker). This workshop will include discussions on racial norms in America, racism in child-welfare and strategies to interrupt adoption-related microaggressions (i.e. “Where is his real mom?” How’d. you get them?”)

PAST EVENT: Teen Girls and Assistive Technology
August 9th, 2021
3:00- 5:00 pm (EST)
We will be talking about assistive technology girls can use in their lives for things they may not want to talk to others about. This will include everything from ways to handle your period to putting on your bra to painting your nails. There’s no shame in asking how others get things done.