Her Power!


Short video of Her Power! images with text “Yes, I am awesome, special, beautiful. Strong, witty, and proud. But… So are you. This is Her Power!”

Her Power! works directly with girls with disabilities through a unique, four-day, overnight event designed to promote critical thinking about society’s messages, eliminate shame, develop leadership skills and encourage self-acceptance. This event is built on the best practices of the disability justice community and emerging research in female development and goes beyond self-esteem programming to provide a venue for real self-empowerment.

Our work is based in disability pride. We promote these radical notions:

  • People with disabilities are not broken. 
  • There is no reason to feel shame associated with disability.
  • All people should be able to embrace their unique differences and accept all aspects of who they are as individuals.
  • The work to end gender violence includes working to end systems of oppression, including but not limited to: racism, classism, sizeism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, etc. 

We are proud to say that Her Power! Has just celebrated its 10th year and has positively impacted over two hundred disabled girls’ lives in Michigan over this time. With that said, we are now looking to expand our work to a national level to include girls from across the country. Her Power! planned a national Her Power to launch in 2020 but did not move forward due to COVID-19. Our hope is to expand our program to include girls from across the country in the near future.

Michigan Her Power! 2023 Camps

Her Power! will hold two camps in 2023 both will be held July 27th-30th, 2023 at Camp Fish Tales in Pinconning, Michigan. Learn more on how to register by visiting Her Power! Michigan Page.